Walking Tour 2



The first part of the walking tour will take participants to the Alfaysaliah tower, designed by Sir Norman Foster, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city, allowing one to comprehend the city’s urban layout. The tour will include a discussion of the urban planning of Riyadh, highlighting the transformation of the city from a small walled town to a metropolis of 8 million people.

The second half of the tour will take the participants to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Turaif and the Diryiah project, which is considered one of the most extensive historic preservation projects in the world. This tour will present the diversity of Saudi Arabia’s 300+ years of culture and tradition and its modern adaptations. The tour aims to evoke the traditional atmosphere of Saudi Arabia, starting with a guided walking tour through Turaif, followed by an overview of the history of the town and its preservation and development efforts, and culminating with a traditional Saudi dinner amidst the Diryiah project.