IASTE offers a number of awards for best papers presented at the biennial conference and accepted for publication in the TDSR Journal. All awards are judged by special committees chaired by a member of the TDSR editorial board and includes other related or specialized IASTE scholars with the TDSR Managing editor as Ex-Officio:

Initially established as an endowment held by UC Berkeley, the Jeffrey Cook Award is given to the best paper written by a scholar submitted to the IASTE conference to be published in the TDSR journal. The award is given in recognition of exceptional scholarly contribution to the subject of traditional swellings and settlements in a manner that challenges standard scholarship on the subject and engages the built environment from an interdisciplinary perspective. Jeffrey Cook, a distinguished professor of Architecture at ASU, was one of the few teachers who taught courses about sustainable design before the term was coined. He was an active member of IASTE for many years and was present at the association’s inauguration in 1988, he went on to attend every one of its conferences until his untimely death in 2003.

The IASTE-Berkeley Prize Paper which was established as a gift from Professor Ray Lifchez and the Berkeley Prize Endowment that is housed at the University of California, Berkeley. It recognizes the best paper submitted to the conference by a student or a junior scholar (who graduated in the previous year) provided that it is acceptable for publication in the TDSR journal. Papers that deal with the cultural, social or professional dimensions of studying tradition in the contemporary or historic built environments are eligible.

IASTE’s most recent award was established by Architect and longtime IASTE member Mui Ho, who was present at the association’s inauguration in 1988. The award is named after Eleni Bastea, an architectural historian who wrote about traditions in the context of European urban history, and an active member in IASTE in its first decade who served as session chair, discussant and keynote speaker is several conferences. The award is given to the best paper publishable in TDSR and presented at the conference that deals with an urban theme.


2020 Winners
Jeffrey Cook Award for Best Paper on Traditional Dwellings and Settlements
Andrea Moneta , Nottingham Trent University

Eleni Bastea Prize for Best Paper on an urban Issue
Sweta Kandari,  School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal  India

Lifchez Berkeley Prize Best Paper by a Graduate Student or a Junior Scholar
Aurelien Catros and Maxime LeblancUniversité de Montreal, Canada, and McGill University, Canada

2018 Winners
Co-recipients: Regina Campinho and Adnya Sarasmita


2018 Winners

Co-recipients: Ali Alraouf and Debbi Whelan
Honorable Mention: Rui Aristides Lebre

2016 Winners

Asseel Al-Ragam (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Joseph Godlewski (junior scholar). Read the winning paper.

2014 Winners

Andrzej Piotrowski (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Gauri Bharat (student). Read the winning paper.

2012 Winners

Itohan Osayimwese (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Rick Miller (student). Read the winning paper.

2010 Winners

Yasser Elsheshtawy (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Muna Guvenc (student). Read the winning paper.

2008 Winners

Daniel Maudlin (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Lara Belkind (student). Read the winning paper.

2006 Winners

Mona Khechen (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Imran bin Tajudeen (student). Read the winning paper.

2004 Winners

Michele Lamprakos (student). Read the winning paper.
Daniela Peluso (scholar). Read the winning paper.

Lifetime Fellows

  • Amos Rappaport, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee -1994
  • Paul Oliver, Oxford Brooks University – 2002
  • Dell Upton, University of California, Los Angeles – 2014