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Walking Tour Option A: Dwellings (3 hours)

The tour explores dwelling typologies in Singapore by tracing a historical path from the “Pinnacle @ Duxton”, Singapore’s most recognizable public housing, to the conserved shophouse, a residential and commercial typology that was common throughout colonial Southeast and East Asia. We begin at Pinnacle @ Duxton, walk through Everton Park (one of the earliest public housing estates), before ending at the shophouses in the Blair Plain area. Two featured shophouses, 141 Neil Road and the NUS Baba House, will be the highlight of the tour. We will enter these shophouses to look more closely at their interior configuration and materiality, as well as how new digital and nanotechnologies are being deployed for conservation purposes.

Participants joining this tour will be divided into two groups. Each group will visit the same buildings, but in opposite sequence.

GROUP A: Pinnacle@Duxton ? Everton Park Public Housing ? NUS Baba House

GROUP B: NUS Baba House ? Everton Park Public Housing ? Pinnacle@Duxton

About the NUS Baba House

The NUS Baba House is a multi-stakeholder conservation project undertaken in 2007 by the National University of Singapore (NUS), in partnership with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the Peranakan Association of Singapore (TPAS), and the former owners of the property, the Wee brothers. The project is made possible by the founding donor Ms Agnes Tan Kim Lwi. This dynamic partnership between a university, a government statutory board, and the wider community allows the NUS Baba House to serve as a node not only for the study, understanding, and appreciation of the Straits Chinese cultures and histories, but also contribute to the ongoing research, conversations, and artistic practices surrounding wider topics such as heritage, conservation, culture and identities. Together with the NUS Museum, it is part of the NUS Centre for the Arts. 
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Walking Tour Option B:  Institutions (3 hours)

The tour brings you through some of the most important historic buildings and spaces in the Civic District of Singapore. The highlight is the National Gallery Singapore, the largest museum in the world dedicated to Southeast Asian art. The building consists of two national monuments – the former Supreme Court and City – and is the result of an international architectural design competition launched in 2007. In front of the National Gallery Singapore is the Padang, and behind it is Fort Canning Hill, both of which are important markers of Singapore’s colonial and pre-colonial pasts. The Civic District is also adjacent to Marina Bay, an urban waterfront that has become the global face of Singapore.

Participants joining this tour will be divided into two groups which will take different paths. Group A begins at the Boat Quay (UOB Plaza void deck), walks toward Padang, passes through the heart of the former colonial district, and finishes with a guided tour of the National Gallery Singapore. Group B starts with a guided tour of the National Gallery Singapore, after which it will walk along Marina Bay to finish at Marina Bay Sands.

GROUP A: Boat Quay – Fort Canning – National Gallery Singapore
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GROUP B: National Gallery Singapore- Youth Olympic Park – Marina Bay Sands
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