1990 CONFERENCE: Berkeley, CA

First World / Third World
Duality and Coincidence in Traditional Environments


The International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments is pleased to announce its second meeting. Ushered in by momentous political changes around the world, this conference will further explore the limits of interdisciplinary and crosscultural communication in the field of traditional environments. Over the course of four days, participants will move beyond the provocative debates of the 1988 Symposium on Traditional Dwellings and Settlements in Comparative Perspective toward more focused discussions on such topics as innovation as a source of tradition, contradictions between tradition and modernity, dualities in First World-Third World conceptualizations, ideologies of space interpretation, historical perspectives on the impacts of colonialism on the built environment, and methodological issues in interpretation and classification.

This year’s conference will continue on the earlier practice of bringing together specialists from a wide spectrum of disciplines, cultures and regions. IASTE invites scholars in the fields of architecture, art history, anthropology, archaeology, folklore, geography, history, planning, sociology, urban studies, and other related disciplines to participate in the conference sessions highlighted below. Join us in what promises to be a highly stimulating event.


Interested scholars who wish to register for the conference should send a request with name, affiliation, and mailing address. Payment should be in the form of check, money order, or international bank draft should be made payable to Regents of University of California, Berkeley no later than July 1st, 1990. The conference will be held at Boalt Hall. All inquiries should be addressed to:

Center for Environmental Design Research
390 Wurster Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1839, USA

Regular $150 ($175 after July 1, 1990) Includes opening reception, conference abstracts, program materials, and pass to all plenary and theme sessions.
Student $75 ($80 after July 1, 1990) Includes opening reception, program materials, and pass to all plenary and theme sessions. An official student verification is required. ”
Conference registration fees include IASTE membership and subscription to the biannual journal, Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review for 1990-1991.


Nezar AlSayyad, Conference Director, University of California, Berkeley
Jean-Paul Bourdier, Conference Co-Director, University of California, Berkeley
Anna Edmondson, Project Coordinator, University of California, Berkeley


Janet Abu-Lughod, USA, The Disappearance and De-Spatialization of the First World-Third World World Dichotomies
Samir Amin, Senegal, Eurocentrism and Tradition: First World Third World architectural dualities
Hasan-Uddin Khan, First World Third World architectural dualities
Lisa Peattie, U.S.A, Informal Settlements and the Issue of Tradition
John Turner, U.K, Rebuilding Working Neighborhoods and the Rediscovery of Tradition
Dell Upton, U.S.A, Dualities in the New World