1988 CONFERENCE: Berkeley, CA



The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley, are sponsoring an International Symposium to be held at the University of California, Berkeley on Traditional Dwellings and Settlements in a Comparative Perspective. The study of traditional dwelling environments has been of interest to scholars from many disciplines. Although valuable work has been done by many, lack of communication between researchers working on similar subjects is apparent. Bringing together specialists from different disciplines, cultures and regions to discuss the form of traditional dwelling environments in a cross-cultural perspective is the prime purpose of this Symposium. Scholars in the field of architecture, art history, anthropology, cultural geography, folklore, urban design, and other related fields are invited to submit papers that may contribute to the general theme of the symposium. The symposium is structured around three major topics: 1. Traditional Dwelling Units: variations in form, function, and symbolism 2. The form of Traditional Settlements: analysis of physical layout and spatial structure 3. Interpreting and Representing Traditional Dwelling Environments: modes of visual and literary documentation, disciplinary questions, and research methods.


Henry Glassie, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Spiro Kostof, University of California, Berkeley
Paul Oliver, Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford
Amos Rapoport, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Yi- Fu Tuan, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Jean-Paul Bourdier, Conference Co-Director, University of California, Berkeley
Nezar AlSayyad, Conference Co-Director, University of California, Berkeley
Gulsum Nalbantoglu, Project Coordinator, University of California, Berkeley


Interested scholars who wish to register for the symposium should send a request with name, affiliation, and mailing address. Payment should be in form of check, money order or international bank draft and should be made to Regents of University of California, Berkeley no later than December 31, 1987. The Conference will be held at Boalt Hall.

Regular: $80 ($100 after Dec. 31, 1987) Includes opening reception, symposium material and abstracts and all plenary and theme sessions
Student: $40 ($50 after Dec. 31, 1987) Includes all material and opening reception pass. An official student verification is required.
Auditor: $30 ($40 after Dec. 31, 1987) Does not include symposium abstracts and preliminaries or attendance to opening reception.

All inquiries should be addressed to:

The International Symposium Secretariat,
Center for Environmental Design Research,
University of California,
Berkeley, CA 94720
Tel:(415) 642-3709
Voicemail: (415) 642-2896