34.2 Spring 2023


Editor’s note
Feature articles

Women Architects Disrupting Tropical Modernism: The Socially Engaged Work of Jane Drew and Minnette De Silva
Inês Leonor Nunes

Rupturing Terracotta: Entangled Exchanges of the Hand and the Machine in South India
Priya Joseph

The Entanglement between Traditions and Colonial Spatiality: The Resilience of Guinean Domesticities in the Ajuda Neighborhood, Bissau
Francesca Vita

Breaking and Making Traditions: Disjunctures in Spatial Planning Paradigms for Delhi
Manas Murthy

Special report on the roundtable at iaste 2022 Reframing “Tradition” and Its Practice in the Chinese Context: The Chinese Edition of Nezar AlSayyad’s Traditions: The “Real,” the Hyper, and the Virtual in the Built Environment
Huaqing Huang and Yushu Liang

Book reviews
Being Urban: Community, Conflict and Belonging in the Middle East, edited by Simon Goldhill reviewed by Bülent batuman

The End of the Village: Planning the Urbanization of Rural China, by Nick R. Smith reviewed by Tim Heath

Activism in Architecture: Bright Dreams of Passive Energy Design, edited by Margot McDonald and Carolina Dayer reviewed by Fred Tepfer

How the Working-Class Home Became Modern, 1900–1940, by Thomas C. Hubka reviewed by Howard Davis

Adaptations of the Metropolitan Landscape in Delta Regions, by Peter Bosselmann reviewed by Lyndsey Deaton

Paradoxes of Green: Landscapes of a City-State, by Gareth Doherty reviewed by Amir Gohar

Reconstructing Historic Landmarks: Fabrication, Negotiation and the Past, by Wayde Brown reviewed by Hossam Mahdy

IASTE 2024 Conference, January 5– 9, Ryadh, Saudi Arabia

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