33.2 Spring 2022

Editor’s note

Feature articles
Encounters of Modernity and Tradition in Nasser’s Egypt: Architecture and Planning
Discourses of Karim, Fathy and Doxiadis in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Nezar AlSayyad
Site, Archive, Medium and the Case of Lifta
Mark Jarzombek, Eliyahu Keller, and Eytan Mann
When Public Spaces Speak: Investigating the Tragedy of the Urban Commons in Alexandria, Egypt
Ahmed el-Kholei and Ghada Yassein
Withering Public Space in Chandigarh: Transforming Retail and Social Choreographies in the Neoliberal Indian Mall
Manu P. Sobti

Field report
59 Continuity, Change and Adaptation: Understanding the Transformations of Ahmedabad Fort Wall, India
Sweta Kandari

Book reviews
Modern Architecture and Climate: Design before Air Conditioning, by Daniel A. Barber reviewed by daniel j. ryan
Time for Architecture, by Robert Adam reviewed by laurence keith loftin
The Architecture of Ramses Wissa Wassef, by Ehsan Abushadi and Conchita Añorve-Tschirgi reviewed by dina taha
Working Cities: Architecture, Place and Production, by Howard Davis reviewed by sharóne l. tomer
Lahore: A Framework for Urban Conservation, edited by Philip Jodidio reviewed by hossam mahdy
Heritage Conservation in Postcolonial India: Approaches and Challenges, edited by Manish Chalana and Ashima Krishna reviewed by saumya sharma
Resistant City: Histories, Maps, and the Architecture of Development, by Eunice Seng reviewed by nihal perera
The Porch: Meditations on the Edge of Nature, by Charlie Hailey reviewed by bob mugerauer

IASTE 2022 conference, december 14–1 7, singapore

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