32.2 SPRING 2021

-Digitizing Heritage as an Integrated, Sustainable Tool for Interpretation of the Past: The Case of Umm Qais, Jordan
Gehan Selim, Monther Jamhawi, Andrew Holland, and Shouib Ma’bdeh
-When Boston Isn’t Boston: Useful Lies of Reconstructive Game Models, Aurélien Catros and Maxime Leblanc
-Indigenous Placemaking in the Climate Diaspora: Rimajol Resettlement in the U.S., James Miller
-Whose Habitat? Housing and the Dilemma of Architectural Production, c.1976, Eunice Seng

Production of Space in Traditional Towns and Villages against the Backdrop of “Chinese Characteristics”: A Study of Rural Form Transformation in Huizhou
Xiao Cheng and Tim Heath

-Architecture in Global Socialism: Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East in the Cold War, by ?ukasz Stanek
Reviewed by Vladimir Kuli?
-The City in China: New Perspectives on Contemporary Urbanism, edited by Ray Forrest, Julie Ren, and Bart Wissink
Reviewed by Sophie Sturup
-China’s Covered Bridges: Architecture over Water, by Ronald G. Knapp, Terry E. Miller, and Liu Jie
Reviewed by Mui Ho
-Open Architecture for the People: Housing Development in Post-War Japan, by Shuichi Matsumura
Reviewed by Yura Kim