Jeffrey Cook Award and IASTE – Berkeley Prize

At each conference, IASTE awards several conference presenters in recognition of their excellent papers. This year at the 2016 IASTE Conference, the Jeffrey Cook award will be given to one to two presenters for “best paper written by a scholar” and the IASTE-Berkeley Prize, which is being offered for the first time, will be awarded to one to two presenters for “best paper written by a student.”

The papers considered should be concerned with the subject of traditional dwellings and settlements in a manner that challenges traditional scholarship on the subject and engages spatial analysis from an interdisciplinary perspective. The winners shall each receive an award of $500. The winners of the Jeffrey Cook award, after appropriate review and possible revision, may have their papers published in the IASTE journal, Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review (TDSR). We strongly encourage all participants interested in either award to indicate that they are interested in having the Award Committee consider their papers for these awards at the time of submission.

The Jeffrey Cook award was endowed by the Jeffrey Cook Charitable Trust. The IASTE-Berkeley Prize is made possible by a donation of the Berkeley Prize, sponsored by Professor Raymond Lifchez, to IASTE. To learn more about the Berkeley Prize and its annual Essay Prize Competition regarding the social art of architecture, please visit:

2016 Winners

Asseel Al-Ragam (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Joseph Godlewski (junior scholar). Read the winning paper.

2014 Winners

Andrzej Piotrowski (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Gauri Bharat (student). Read the winning paper.

2012 Winners

Itohan Osayimwese (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Rick Miller (student). Read the winning paper.

2010 Winners

Yasser Elsheshtawy (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Muna Guvenc (student). Read the winning paper.

2008 Winners

Daniel Maudlin (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Lara Belkind (student). Read the winning paper.

2006 Winners

Mona Khechen (scholar). Read the winning paper.
Imran bin Tajudeen (student). Read the winning paper.

2004 Winners

Michele Lamprakos (student). Read the winning paper.
Daniela Peluso (scholar). Read the winning paper.

Lifetime Fellows

  • Amos Rappaport, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee -1994
  • Paul Oliver, Oxford Brooks University – 2002
  • Dell Upton, University of California, Los Angeles – 2014