30.2: SPRING 2019

Field report: Resurrecting Tradition, Rewriting Modernity: Experiments in Contemporary Iranian Architecture under Economic Recession, Razieh Ghorbani

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IASTE 2020, Call for abstracts: “Virtual Traditions”


29.2: Spring 2018

Field Report: Globalizing Tradition: The Changing Careers of the Café in Spain and China, Marta Catalan Eraso

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TDSR 28.2 SPRING 2017

Editor’s Note

“Denial of Coevalness”: Discursive Practices in the Representation of Kuwaiti Urban Modernity
Asseel Al-Ragam
Zones of Entanglement: Nigeria’s Real and Imagined Compounds
Joseph Godlewski
[In]Visibility of Death in the Built Environment: [De]Legitimating Traditional Mediterranean Cemeteries in Southern Spain
Mar Loren-Méndez and Ama Quesada-Arce
Legitimizing Everyday Tradition: The Spatial Narrative of Modernity in Cairene Old Quarters
Gehan Selim
Work, Slums, and Informal Settlement Traditions: Architecture of the Favela Do Telegrafo [Field Report]
Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti

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TDSR 27.2 Spring 2016

27.2 TDSR CoverEditor’s Note

The Politics of Self-Help: Women Owner-Builders of Grameen Houses in Rural Bangladesh
Adnan Morshed
Bureaucratizing the City: Moderated Tribalism, Regime Security, and Urban Transformation in Amman, Jordan
Eliana Abu-Hamdi
Architecture as a Tool of Editing History: The Case of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz Historical Center
Sumayah Al-Solaiman
The Cinematic Cairene House in the Cairo Trilogy Films
Shaikha Almubaraki
Reinventing Vernacular Traditions to Reveal National Identity: A Case Study of the “Macedonian Village” [Field Report]
Velika Ivkovska

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TDSR 27.1 Fall 2015

27.1 TDSR coverEditor’s Note

Heresy, Hybrid Buildings, and a Geography of Architectural Traditions
Andrzej Piotrowski
Urban Traditions in the Contemporary Lived Space of Cities on the Arabian Peninsula Ashraf M. Salama
The Cultural Heritage of Small and Medium-Size Cities: A New Approach to Metropolitan Transformation in São Paulo, Brazil
Maria Cristina Da Silva Schicchi
Interrogating Ethnic Identity: Space and Community Building in Chicago’s Chinatown
Chuo Li
Courtyard Houses of Beijing: Lessons from the Renewal [Field Report]
Donia Zhang

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TDSR 26.2 Spring 2015

TDSR 26.2 Cover

Editor’s Note

Architecture and Urbanism in Slumdog Millionaire: From Bombay to Mumbai
Vandana Baweja
Rise and Fall of the Qilou: Metamorphosis of Forms and Meanings in the Built Environment of Guangzhou
Jun Zhang
Beyond the Invariable Style: The Development of Residential Architecture in Yanxia Village, China
Wei Zhao
Differing Relations to Tradition Among Australian Indigenous Homeless People
Paul Memmott
Understanding the Urban Form of China’s Jiangnan Watertowns: Zhouzhang and Wuzhen
Jeffrey Wenji He and Mark Henwood

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