2006 Volumes 178-197: HYPER-TRADITIONS

Volume 178
$25 each copy
Mindscapes, “Affordance,” and Virtual Ecosystems
Maurizio Forte

Wireless Sites: British Architecture in the Space of Radio (1927-1945)
Shundana Yusaf

Virtual Interventions: The Impact of Interactive Soundscapes and Visual Stimulation on Physical Architectural Spaces
Nadia Mounajjed, Chengzhi Peng and and Stephen Walker

Altered Traditions and Borrowed Modernities:
Experiencing the Edge of the Hyper-real in Kenya

Tadd Andersen

Recoding Architecture
Hesham Khairy Abdelfattah and Ali Abd Alraouf

Volume 179
Mediated Spaces – Display of Traditions
$20 each copy
Re-assessing the Story of Mark Twain’s Hometown
Regina Faden

Recognizing Change in the Replication of the Barnes Foundation
Tricia Stuth

Staged Authenticity: Dakshinachitra Museum of Arts and Crafts, South India
Sushmita Prabhakar

Blissfully Yours: Reading the “Real” Tradition of Illegal Immigrants
Soranart Sinuraibhan

Volume 180
Urban Real Estate and the Commodification of Tradition
$20 each copy
Reality/Television: Hype, Tradition and Everyday Life in Rural Thailand
David O’Brien and Kim Dovey

Comparative Assessment of Traditional Architecture and Invented Tradition:
The Greek Island of Folegandros and its Promotion via the Internet
Eleni K. Aga

Mediterranean Architecture in Indonesia:
Style Migration Versus the Adaptability of the Ethnic Chinese
Freddy H. Istanto

The New Main Street: Hyperconsumption and the Lifestyle Center
Mark Gillem

Volume 181
$20 each copy
Hyper-Hinduism: The Internet and the Re-Making of “India”
M. Reza Pirbhai

Xena Meets Krishna: Putting Gods on Television
Gail H. Sutherland

Vodun Art and The Hyper-Visualization of Africa
Peter Sutherland

Sites of “Chineseness”: Reconstructing the Imagery of the Chinese Garden in Contemporary Chinese Art and Architecture
Chan Yuen Lai

Volume 182
Hyper-Tourism, National Imaginaries, and Cultural Change
$25 each copy
More than Paradise: Dilemmas of Authenticity in a World Music Festival
Stephen McElhinney

Representing the Legacies of Confucius: Modern Meanings of an Ancient Heritage Site in China
Hongliang Yan

Chinese Tourists in Thailand: The Invention of a Tourist Experience
John Walsh and Pawana Techavimol

Critiques on “Wat Nai Hang”: Rethinking the Strategy of the Ministry of Culture
Sant Suwatcharapinun

Reinterpreting Tradition: The Canals as Visitor Attractions
Julia Fallon

Volume 183
Shifting Landscapes, Selling Tradition
$25 each copy
Made in China: A Cypriot Village in Transition
Rosemary Latter

Architectural Tradition as a Product of Tourism: Reproducing Aboriginal Built Environments in the Twenty-First Century
Tim O’Rourke

From Moonshine to Sunshine: Landscapes of Local Industry in Rural Ireland
Gareth Doherty

Place and Hyper-place in Chiang Mai:
Meanings of Sacred Architecture in the Secular Age
Pranom Tansukanun

For Export Only: Ayahuasca Tourism and Hyper-Traditionalism
Daniela M. Peluso

Volume 184
Heritage Sites and their Contested Meanings
$20 each copy
Reconstructing Cultural Heritage:
Memories of Two Groups of Tibetan Monasteries in Central China
Liu Dan

The Use of Hindu, Buddhist, and Animist Symbolism in the
Globalization of Chiang Mai City
Thosaporn Sodabunlu

Struggling with Chaos: The Residence of Dr. Zhang Yunpen, China
Kuang-Ting Huang

Yemen’s Cisterns at High Altitudes
Morna Livingston

Volume 185
Praxis, Preservation, and Power
$20 each copy
The Surfaces of Memory in Berlin: Rebuilding the Hohenzollern City Palace
Didem Ekici

The Impact of Hyper-Tourism on Colonial Built Heritage and its Traditional Environment
Robert Ian Chaplin

Hyper-Traditions in The Historic American Town:
The Fundamentalisms of Historic Preservation
Thomas Merrigan

Hyper-Tradition versus Cultural Interpretation in Phuket Town
Yongtanit Pimonsanthean

Volume 186
Flows of Migration and Tradition
$20 each copy
“Vocational Migrants” and a “Tradition of Longing”
Trevor Marchand

The Empty House: Architecture and Identity in Michoacán, Mexico
Catherine Ettinger and Salvador Garcia

A Living Exhibition: Labor, Desire, and the Marketing of
American Indian Arts and Crafts in Santa Fe
Matthew Martinez

The Invention of a Neo-Uyghur Style: A Contemporary Place-Bound Architecture
Jean-Paul Loubes

Volume 187
$20 each copy
Migration, Power and the Line:
Ceremonies of Collective Transgression in the Spatial Archetypes of Elias Canetti
Michael Chapman and Michael Ostwald

Creating New Worlds with Hyper-Traditional Living Spheres in Japanese Migrations
Izumi Kuroishi

The Production of Consumption Spaces and the
Uses of Tradition in Branding the Thai Nation
Rachadaporn Kanitpun

State Constructs of “Culture” and Tourist Imagery for the Malay–Indonesian Districts of Singapore: Ethnic Stereotypes in the Reinvention of Traditional Environments
Imran bin Tajudeen

Volume 188
$20 each copy
Transitory Sites: Mapping Dubai’s “Forgotten” Urban Public Spaces
Yasser Elsheshtawy

The Cultural Double Helix of Hyper-Modernization and Hyper-Tradition
Sidh Sintusingha

New Silicon Valleys: Informatization, Globalization and Tradition in Bangalore, India
John Stallmeyer

Old Buildings, New Landscape: Redeveloping Historic Neighborhoods –
A Case Study of Xin Tian Di, Shanghai, China
Fengqi Qian

Volume 189
$25 each copy
Tourism, Authenticity, and Hyper-Traditions: the Case of Kafr Al-Gouna, Egypt
Khaled Nezar Adham

Mount Athos: Notes on the Authenticity of “Fake”
Mohamed Elshahed

Local Culture in the Global Village: Authenticity in a Tai Tourist Town
Sirima Na Songkhla

Learning from Las Vegas! The Recent Development of Macao’s Mega-Casino/Resorts
Chung Man Carmen Tsui

Hybrid Urbanism in Bahrain: From Pearl Hunting to Pearl Making:
The Story of Iconic Development
Ali Abd Alraouf and Hesham Khairy Abdelfattah

Volume 190
architectural manifestations of global changes
$25 each copy
Houses of Guangzhou: Shifting Identities Amid Morphological Warfare
Howard Davis and Matthew Brown

Disjointed Jakarta: Hyper-Traditional Planning Attitudes vs.
Rhizomatic Growth in a Postcolonial City
Dewi Susanti

From Destructive Creativity to Amazing Reality:
Hyper-Traditions in Thai Heritage Conservation and Development
Karin Klinkajorn

Kampong Tua Tunu: Hyper-Tradition and Power-Space-Place Making
Undi Gunawan

New Traditions and Old Realities – Old Traditions and New Realities:
The Emergence of Post-Reform Park Design in China
Mary G. Padua

Volume 191
$25 each copy
Beyond the Spectacle: Al-Saha Heritage Village, Beirut
Mona Khechen

The Seduction of Destruction
Aarati Kanekar

Por Ahora: The Nuances of Neo-Populism in Venezuela
Carmen Rojas

Heritage of Disappearance? Shekkipmei and “Collective Memories” in
Posthandover Hong Kong
Cecilia Chu

Between Nation and the World:
Transforming Space and Identity through the Refugee Experience
Romola Sanyal

Volume 192
$20 each copy
The Transformation of Towers
Jacqueline Victor and Laurence Keith Loftin III

Hyper-Tourism in the Mediterranean Riviera of Turkey
Ebru Aras Miroglu

The Regeneration of Ban Suan Rim Khlong:
Steps Towards Sustainability for Thai Communities
Cuttaleeya Noparatnaraporn

Painting the Mouth: Identity, Heritage and Migration
Paul Oliver

Volume 193
Hyper-Tradition and the Imaginary in Place-Making
$25 each copy
Chinese-Built Western Towers: The Hyper-Tradition of the Overseas Chinese’s Fortified Towers in the Cantonese Counties of Kaiping and Taishan
Ho Yin Lee and Lynne DiStefano

The Complex Relationship Between Identity, Heritage and Migration of the Using,
A Traditional Community in Eastern Java
Endang Darjosanjoto

The Place of Asmaalti: A Narrative of Migration, Identity and Heritage in Cyprus
Hifsiye Pulhan and Ibrahim Numan

Changes in Thai Vernacular Housing:
Emphasizing, Eliminating and Enclosing an Aquatic Environment
Wandee Pinijvarasin

Volume 194
$20 each copy
Investigating the Cultural Core: Spatializing the Process of Acculturation for Hmong and Lowland Laotian Immigrants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lynne Dearborn

Little India: Spaces of Ethnicity, Exchange and Boundedness
Limin Hee

The Forming of Chinese Identity: A Case of Chicago’s Chinatown
Chuo Shannon Li

Space as “Public Relations?” Urban Morphology and Ethnic Identity in Macao
Paula Engrácia Martins

Volume 195
$20 each copy
There’s No Reality Like Hyper-Reality
Lineu Castello

The Configuration of a Cross-Cultural Theory of “Architecture”: Exploring the Treatise
Paul Memmott and James Davidson

Housing Enclaves: Between Reality and Imagination
Eka Permanasari

2020: The City Deterritorialized
Diane Wildsmith and James N. Rosenau

Volume 196
$20 each copy
Muscat: Rethinking its Heritage
Mohamed El Amrousi

A Village in the Garrigue: Competing Visions for the Midi of Cézanne and the Artists
Elizabeth Riorden

Hyper Traditions/Hip Villages: Urbanite Villagers of Western Anatolia
Sebnem Yucel Young

The Frontier of a Theme Park: A Case Study of Community Development in Bowang
Liang-yi Yen

Hyper-Cypriot Architecture: The Transformation of Local and Global Values
Ozlem Olgac Turker and Hifsiye Pulhan

Volume 197
$20 each copy
Authority in Maya Domiciliary Transformation: A History of Hyper-Traditions
James Davidson

Hyper Architecture and Lost Traditions? Dwelling Transformations on Pongso-no-Ta’u
Jeffrey Hou

Houses Where Ghosts Dwell: Ghostly Matters in Contemporary Thai Homes
Nuttinee Karnchanaporn

Coexistence of Parallel Universes: A Survival Tradition in Dwellings of Northeastern Thailand
Nopadon Thungsakul